Naomi Fergusson

Based in Montreal, Naomi Fergusson’s strength is not only her limitless creativity but her careful consideration of each client’s needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, she is intentional with every entrepreneur she collaborates with. Her strongest trait is her ability to capture the vision and run with it without losing sight of the overall mission.

By combining her skills in graphic design with her knack for technology, Fergusson has designed an interface that enhances the user experience. Few apps are created with Black parents in mind, so when she was given the opportunity to envision the look and experience of this landmark initiative, she found the perfect balance between inspiration and information. A textured afro, Black children playing in nature, a map inspired by Toronto’s downtown streets.

Fergusson’s creative vision has brought TRACIE to life in a way that empowers and connects with every person who uses the advocacy tool.

Favourite Music
Gospel & Christian

Favourite Colour
Navy Blue

Fun Fact
Naomi is also a gospel singer and creative artist.

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