Adi Yemane

Transitioning from the corporate sector to support a grassroots initiative is a welcome change for Adi Yemane. Managing money and people is her forte. She has decades of experience overseeing multi-million-dollar accounts and is also recognized for her expertise in conflict resolution and de-escalation skills. The lifelong learner made a recent career pivot and also works with a B3 charitable organization as a trustee where she is responsible for various portfolios and strategic partnerships.

The daughter of entrepreneurs honed her business expertise while working in the family restaurant. Since she was a child, her father noticed she was gifted in math and gave her limitless opportunities to develop her numeracy skills. 

When TRACIE was awarded a grant by the provincial government of Ontario, the pilot project was funded for three years with a six-figure budget. The success of the initiative is directly linked to Yemane’s financial acumen, tact and integrity.

Favourite Music
Jazz or anything by Sade

Favourite Colour

Fun Fact
Adi is also a Certified Yoga Practitioner + Medical Esthetician 

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