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The TRACIE app is a new and improved way to address racist incidents. The TRACIE app gives Canadian people of colour the evidence and support that they need to create change.

TRACIE stands for Tracking Racism and Collecting Information in Education. This tool is designed for to capture and document racist incidents whether it’s photos, emails, audio, or video. TRACIE app is a useful tool to help students inform their principal, school, parent, guardian or caring adult if they experience physical or verbal harm.

Sometimes incidents escalate when the solutions are ineffective and outdated. Our intention is to demonstrate that we hear you, we care, and we want to help.

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In the 2020-2021 school year, 85% of the students who were suspended or expelled were male and a majority of them identified as Black, Middle Eastern or Mixed.

~Based on findings from the Toronto District School Board, Safe and Caring Schools Report 2020-2021



Q: Can I download the TRACIE app on my Android phone?
A: Yes! TRACIE will be available on Android and iOs.

Q: Am I able to email information to others?
A: You will have the ability to share your content with others. The amount of content you send depends on your email service provider.

Q: Can information be shared anonymously?
A: TRACIE app has a privacy guarantee that ensures your data is protected and only available to those you share it with.

Q: Is there a cost or limit to using the TRACIE app?
A: TRACIE app is free. You can add as much content as you need. We do ask that you make a backup of your data on another device in the event that your phone breaks, gets lost or stole

The Toronto District School Board has targeted Black students for suspensions at a rate 3X that of their non-Black peers within the larger student population.

~ Based on findings from the Toronto District School Board, Safe and Caring Schools Report 2020-2021

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