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The TRACIE (Tracking Racism & Collecting Information in Education) app is the brainchild of True Daley, tech founder, community organizer and creative. This information gathering tool is the first of its kind and is long overdue as a much-needed support for the most vulnerable students in the Toronto District School Board.

After years of collective advocacy with Black parents and allied community members, the mental and emotional labour took a toll on her health. The leader of various grassroots initiatives experienced burnout and fatigue from supporting families who were addressing anti-Black racism in Toronto’s schools.

She realized, without facts, data and a unified streamlined method of collecting information, families will continue to confront these issues in isolation. Many do not have the time or energy to address these repeated challenges due to systemic barriers and bureaucracy. Despite the implementation of new policies, programs and increased Black leadership, Black children continue to experience hateful and hurtful incidents in the country’s largest school board.

So many families and caregivers have been overwhelmed by the tedious and triggering process of repeating their child’s experiences as they follow the chain of command. Children are left fending for themselves by shutting down or acting out when their safety and human rights are repeatedly disregarded or downplayed. This leads to the school to prison pipeline.

TRACIE harnesses the power of collective thought with technology and accessibility to provide parents, caregivers and advocates with first-hand, factual accounts of anti-Black racism in real time. It also allows users to share notes, videos, images and audio anonymously to create a virtual village of support. 

Once a TRACIE Report is created, confidential files are organized, categorized and easily accessible with a tap or swipe. Then TRACIE users get to decide how, when and where to use the information. 

TRACIE does all the hard work so you can do the heart work.

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True is also a  Filmmaker + Singer/Songwriter 

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