Spencer Tigere

Spencer Tigere is an Ottawa-based full stack developer who was recruited during TRACIE’s initial stages for his professional expertise and passionate commitment to improving the lives of children and youth. He is solution-oriented with an optimistic outlook and sees technology as a superpower that should be accessible to all. 

By day, he holds a high-level position in the financial sector as a data engineer in Canada’s capital. Tigere has leveraged his information technology infrastructure and Python programming skills to support the data management and analytics needs of a national corporation.

Prior to this position, Tigere’s background in electrical engineering made him the perfect candidate for a pilot project which used thermal cameras to monitor how older adults followed their nutritionist’s recommendations. The camera was paired with an app to help people explain their eating habits to doctors. This project became a cost-effective alternative for senior citizens on a fixed income. At the time their only option was to purchase a high-end appliance with a $5000.00 price tag. Tigere and colleagues reduced this cost to approximately $200.00

As a former youth worker, Tigere connected with racialized children from low-income communities or single parent households. He enjoyed pouring into the lives of young people as a mentor and role model while working for a national charitable organization. . He believes information sharing creates a more equitable learning environment and is concerned about the gatekeeping trend in Western society. 

Tigere’s talents in IT along with his invested interest in the betterment of others, makes him an invaluable asset to the TRACIE Team where he is the tech lead and oversees every stage of the app’s development.

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Hip Hop and R&B

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Fun Fact
Spencer is also a hip hop artist + producer

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